Depression: A little help on how to get through it

Healthy Gaming harbors a lot more than just the physical part, it also has a lot to do with your mentality and your peace of mind. Today I’d like to talk to you about dealing with depressions. In this modern age, depression must be one of the most recurring ‘illnesses’ we have in our Western civilization and one that has already cost us a lot of lives. Most of us will know either somebody who’s gone through it, someone who’s dealing with it right now or are fighting our own battles. Depression is a dark place with bystanders standing high above looking deep in the pit. These bystanders often think to see stairways and easy routes to get out but the truth is these are just illusions and the only way to get out is by yourself, holding on and not giving up. Depression isn’t about who gets the best psychiatrist or who has the most friends; it’s about will power, mental resilience and that ‘screw your surrender at 20’ personality. I myself have had a depression at a young age and I still struggle sometimes but I’ve crawled out of that dark place and I too must admit, it’s a lot lighter standing where I am right now than back then and hey, if I can do it, then so can you and here are several tips to help you out with fighting this dark spot in your life.


It sounds cheesy and a lot of people say it but it’s true. The main thing you’ll be trying to do is silencing the voices in your head, and sports or simply DOING something, any kind of activity is the best cure. You’ll be reluctant, you’ll hate it and you’ll have to force yourself, but after forcing yourself three times, the fourth time goes a lot easier and you’ll find comfort and some sort of holdfast in these moments of ACTION.

Don’t submit to your thoughts, FIGHT BACK
Your thoughts will be your biggest enemy, constantly trying to drag you down, slam you back into that pit yet you can’t let these voices grab a hold of you. Keep disagreeing with that voice that says things don’t get better, shut up that thought that suicide is the better way out. Things do get better as long as you remember and keep believing that they will. This will be hard but once you get the hang of yourself, figure out how you think and how your thoughts have their own defensive mechanisms, you’ll find loopholes and you’ll find it a lot easier to counter them.

Depression isn’t something you can let people help you with, you have to do it yourself in the end, but you can get guidance. Seek out a therapist whom you feel comfortable with, and be honest with him/her and they’ll be one of the holdfasts which you can rely on. Don’t just take any therapist though! If you’re lucky, the first one will be your last one, but it’s also possible you’ll take some time and lots of therapists to find the right one. A therapist is still a human being, and sometimes your personalities won’t match and he or she won’t be able to help you if you can’t open up to them. Find a therapist you’re comfortable with and stick with that person! Multiple therapists only works if they coordinate and work with one another.

Don’t talk too much about it, just talk about it often enough
This may seem a bit tricky but it is in fact quite easy. You can talk to it to your friends and family, preferably your close environment and try to make them understand what you’re going through. This may help them cope better with your situation and either be there for you or grant you the space you need. Don’t keep talking about it because it’ll first of all make you focus on it, and will make sure you won’t be able to let go of it. Second of all, depressed people are quite hard to be around with for a long time for their ‘gloomy’ aura can drag other people along with them, and it’s also hard for them constantly having to disagree with you, telling you that all will be okay. They too run out of things to say!

heart-of-gaming-depressionLast but not least: Do the things you love/like/enjoy
 You’ll feel like nothing you do will give you pleasure, everything is just a bother and joy is and the only  thing you experience is irritation. Still, forcing yourself to do something you used to like might be a good  thing to do! One day you might find yourself enjoying it once again! During my depression, I stopped  playing WoW (World of Warcraft), for it no longer gave me pleasure, but after several months, I forced  myself to play again and I found out that WoW offered comfort, something familiar to me to hold on to.  The moment you catch yourself having fun again will be a magnificent sign!

In the end, everybody deals with depression differently, and we can all only try to do what is best for us and what lies within our capabilities. I wish none of you has to experience depressions but if you do find yourself in a dark place, don’t be afraid to contact me or other help sources such as friends, family, therapists or the suicide hotline!


Darth Laser
Co-community Leader of the Viking Nation
Has had experience with depression and how to deal with it,
guiding other people through these harsh times.
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