Proper Shoes

For almost a year I have been in pain after work and it has gotten to the point I would come home in tears from my ankles and knees just throbbing in pain.  I tried every type of insert and I seemed to still roll in my shoes, I overpronate and roll out.  I finally gave up and went to a New Balance store to get a proper fit.

They had me walk along an paper and they could tell which shoes would be best, it was amazing! I ended up with the NB 1540It’s not the cutest shoe but for the first time in a year I feel like I’m walking straight.  I feel sore in general but I don’t have the pain.  The 1540 shoes have a roll bar in them to stop me from rolling out.  There were days I really thought I was going to break my ankle.  So glad I finally went and got fitted.  I do want to go to the doctors and get an insole made when I have some money for a custom insole, but now I feel like I can get back to normal.

It’s amazing how far I roll when you see it on paper, I’m looking into other brands now, Asics was always my favorite but when this problem started happening I had to switch to Nike’s that had no arch in them.  I was still going through shoes every other month because they broke down so fast.

I guess the point of tonights post is to tell everyone that if you are having pains and your body is telling you something is wrong, then do something about it.  I’m too young to come home crying because my knees hurt.  I am so excited to look into the Asics that have a roll bar built into them. It’s the GEL-Fortify , the look great too but now that I know what’s wrong I can work on the issue.

I’m trying to make more of an effort in caring about myself and this is a good step in feeling better when I goto work or work out.

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