Taking care of things.

Hi everyone!

I took a few weeks to take care of myself and make sure I didn’t get overwhelmed with the emotions of mom’s birthday and mother’s day.  Taking care of the mental health is just as important and I needed I to keep it upbeat. It was hard but we made plans to keep both days positive, but still giving time to cry.  It’s ok to cry and not keep things bottled up, it makes it easier when you take a little time to have that release.

We went up to toledo for mom’s birthday and spent a day at the zoo, spent time with family and friends.  I love going to zoos or animal parks, so it’s the best way to keep positive for me.  They have this amazing aquarium that you can just spend hours in watching and relaxing.  On mother’s day, we went up on Saturday to Living Treasures in Donegal PA and then on the Sunday we went to Living Treasures in New Castle PA .. I prefer the New castle place but at both it was great and so many new things you experience.

Staying positive helped me get through this tough time, and now I feel I can focus on more of my health.  So in taking care of my body now it is expensive to eat healthy,  but I’ve been getting more fruits for snacks and drinking more water.  I’m going to start the workouts again and stay with it.  I feel like everything happening at once with mom that I didn’t have the energy for keeping positive and working out.  But I didn’t give up all together .. On mom’s actual birthday we did a 2 mile walk in Akron for March of Dimes and raising money for the kids.  Walking around the zoo for 7 hours and the animal parks for hours was good.  Every day I’ve been going outside and enjoying the sun, so now that I think about it I haven’t been completely giving up on working out.  I know it’s still not the same but I feel better just thinking about it that way.

I will get back to the nightly workouts and getting life in order again.  I’m going to keep a record of how many minutes a night I work out and set goals to get back to the 45 minute workouts.  So when I hit 45 minutes, I’m going to treat myself to new shoes! See that, positive reinforcement! :}

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