My Food War


I haven’t been very timely with keeping up to date with my writing blogs here on the website and I’m sorry. Tonight while I was putting away food with my girlfriend we started discussing how very different America is from the Ukraine where she is from. How our stores are full of so much food and how it seems that we are always being bombarded with marketing to purchase certain things. It was tonight after my Operation Supply Drop stream did I finally have the discussion with my girlfriend about how America’s food industry is taking our money and robbing us of our health. I want to share this discussion with you folks.

Tonight I sat down with my girlfriend and started talking about the entire issue. For the sake of making this palatable (get it!?) I’m going to write this about only a section of our discussion this evening. I want to mention that one of the largest reasons I got out of marketing was because of the sort of moral and ethical issues that I’m going to discuss in these posts. I hope you bare with me as I stumble through some of the material I’d like to present to you folks.

Everyone worries about calories. Did you count how many calories? Did you look at how much fat? Better make sure to purchase that lower calorie still good tasting stuff right there. I told my girlfriend tonight that if someone (say a foreign entity for example) was getting away with doing what the American Food Industry is doing to our kids we would be outraged. Hell we’d be at war with them in an instant. We tell kids that they need to exercise more and just eat less. That is a simple equation to solve right? There are so many problems that I want to focus this post on just one for now. Sugar.

If you are reading this I’m sure you’ve looked over the nutritional information on the back of the food you’ve purchased. Ever notice something? If you look at sugar on the table you won’t ever find a daily percentage. Want to know why? Because the amount of sugar according to the World Health Organization that you are suppose to intake is around 5% of your total energy intake, or 6 teaspoons. Want to know how many  of those fit inside of a soda? Almost twice as much as that; around 10 teaspoons. Who would possibly rethink having that soda if they saw on the label that label right? Sugars | 44 G | % Daily Value 180%?

Sugar in the natural forms are the best for you. Sugar is a carbohydrate found naturally in milk (lactose) and fruit (fructose) and even honey! The main issue is that processed foods have added sugar –Now stop. Make sure you read and remember this- Processed foods have placed labels that state ‘FAT FREE’ but they are adding in sugar which gets stored in your body as fat anyways. Low fat and these diet foods have extra sugar that help them taste better because they are missing the fat, however your body ends up processing the sugar into body fat no matter what.

I’m not perfect. I’ve had my share of terrible food choices and decisions. I’m trying to make better ones for myself. But the largest reasons are for the kids. We always have fresh fruits, veggies, and trying to start a lifetime of healthy food choices starts at home. It is just too bad that the Food Industry will never look at our kids as an investment of the future and more of a dollar bill to be squeezed into profit margins.


Make a few small changes for yourself. Start making more dinners. Less soda. More water. Less fast food and more food gone fast with family. Want sugar? Keep apples around. You know I do. Your body is the only one you get. You take care of everything else you own from your electronics, vehicles, and more so why aren’t you taking care of your body before it is too late? There isn’t a website you can go to order a new one and have it delivered in 2 days.

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