June 2015


Anyone who knows or follows my exploits about health and wellness knows I am a pretty regimented guy. Although my dynamic work environment and schedule don’t allow me to have a set “routine”, I still do the same things routinely every day. For example, unless I’m actively resting my body from a tough week of …

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Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Let’s take it slow. Changing your lifestyle from eating foods of convenience to eating foods that actually fuel your body is a tough road to travel. Taking the first steps can be like trying to scale a wall or even leaping across a giant chasm. Many of us have been there and continue to struggle …

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Day 4

Going strong still on day 4 !! I’m really surprised I’ve had no bread or pasta in 4 days, that is a miracle in itself.  The chia seeds are incredible, I don’t feel the hunger pains like last time we tried this.  Work is still incredibly stressful, my case is going to another department and …

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