Life is looking good!

I’ve taken time to reset myself mentally and after the holidays and birthdays were over I feel like I can think a little better.  Father’s day is still coming up and I feel bad for dad but the harder parts are over.  It’s been rough, harder than people saw, but I it’s hard to stay depressed when the baby looks at you and smiles.  He is really our angel.

Work had been hard and this past week due to a judgement error in the heat of a moment circumstance, I might loose my job.  I have two part time jobs lined up just incase but it’s still stupid.  I need the full time for our insurance but I have a full time lined up for august just incase.

I might still get a warning, sent in the report tonight.  A few days after this mess, I had another mess with someone calling me names and swearing up a storm at me to try and intimidate me.

I called someone in and left my shift early.  When I got home, I once again came home to that smiling, giggling toddler.

I took time to just cry and try and reset again, I know we will be ok, I hate the idea of starting over but if I’m this miserable, the job isn’t right for me anyways.  I’m dealing with enough pain and stress, I need to watch if I take too much more on.  In knowing this, I got some time with my husband to talk and it was nice to have such a support system.

Today at work things were great and I had customers in that I enjoy and it reminded me why I’m in retail.  So I’m shaking off the incident and crazies and just focusing on the positive.  I search facebook 100 times a day and something popped up called the 7 day challenge.  It’s the first time in a couple years something looked interesting in the workout field and I think if what is around now is dull I need something new.  So on Sunday I am going to do this 7 day challenge with my husband and post the before and after results.  It will be hard but I think this is a good start to getting back what I was.  It will also help me channel some of this negative and turn it around again.

I haven’t been working out, it feels so exhausting every day fighting to stay positive that I don’t have the energy.  I think with this challenge that I can reset not just my mind but my body and get on a healthy track.

It has to start Sunday, I know it’s putting it off a few days but I need payday to hit to buy healthy foods and snacks in the house.

  • No Soda
  • No Bread
  • No Red Meat
  • No Alcohol
  • No Pasta
  • No Sweets
  • Citrus Fruit Daily
  • 6 or More Bottles of Water Daily
  • Green Vegetables
  • Fish or Chicken Daily
  • 30 minute workout

I know I can do this and feel better, It’s hard but I need this step and this is the first time I’ve been excited about doing something about my health in awhile.  I know it’s not too late to help my heart, sometimes it just takes a few more bad days to put so much pressure on you that you either snap or toughen up.  Seeing that simple smile and giggle helped toughen me so I didn’t lose myself.

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