Midnight Mumblings

Living isn’t as much the struggle as we all pretend it to be. It is simply what we make of it. We choose our own paths, whether we choose them hard, easy or in between. There will be obstacles and events lying for us in wait upon this path, but as long as we chose the path, it is the right path. No matter whether our choices seem good or bad, seem right or wrong. No matter whether our choices raises questions, make things hard or easy, whether they cause things or prevent things, they’re our choices. There is no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong, there’s merely perception. All we can do is remember who we are and walk our path with the little information we have about our perception, our world and our past. We will laugh and cry, fight and die. We’ll stumble and fall, we’ll run and we’ll stall. As long as we chose to do so, as long as we walked the path and did the things ourselves. No person can ever walk the path in our stead or cry the tears within our hearts nor laugh the smile upon our lips. We don’t know what will happen but we’re still the experts of our own life. The more we learn, the more we realize how little we truly know.

Does it matter that some won’t approve of our choices? Does it matter whether our choices might cut treads or influence others? As long as we do the things that feel right to ourselves, as long as we do as we feel, think and hope, we can’t do anything wrong.

We’re so busy with doing what’s right by our people’s standards that we’ve forgotten to live by our own thoughts, feelings and ideals. We’ve forgotten to think for ourselves and simply accept other people’s thoughts. We’ve forgotten to feel for ourselves and simply accept the ‘appropriate’ feeling and reaction. We’ve forgotten to dream and simply accepted our people’s ideals instead of creating our own.

Life can be a curse, can be hell or could be a tiresome, dreadful thing, a daily slum with no visible end. But even so, it’s because we made it like that, and we made it like that for a reason. No matter how hard we have it now, we chose it that way and it will be for the best, for this is the path you decided to walk.

And in the end, isn’t that the thing we’re best at? Being ourselves?

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