I’m doing it!

I forgot to post after the 7 day challenge that I did it and was so happy I didn’t cave in.  During the week however I didn’t loose much, just 5lbs.  The husband lost 15, everyone keeps saying well men loose it easier but I just think it wasn’t the right diet for me.  It did get me eating right and making better choices so we decided to keep it up and after week 2 we are still eating healthier which is what I wanted.  We may lot loose weight fast, and I didn’t have the intention of being skinny but I wanted to be healthier and I do feel better for this.

It’s great to feel like I want to do this again and making better choices.  I did cheat a little bit on vacation this past week but even with that we still kept it in our mind on side dishes what is healthier.  We are going to buy a elliptical bike from amazon, it’s really amazing how cheap prices are but we want to work out together and not take turns.  I think that will really make this a family effort if it feels like a team in doing this together.  For the cost of my starbucks coffee every month, we can buy the bike and really start moving!

I’m not taking the 5lbs as a loss for the diet but if it got me in the mind frame of making better choices and making an effort, I think it was a great success!

This site has let me vent so much and I really needed it lately, mentally I feel so much better and happy about how things are going.

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