Still going strong!

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a little while but life got busy, I work retail and it’s our “holiday season” with back to school shopping so that is keeping me busy.  I’m still making small steps but they all add up!  I’ve had a lot of hip problems and thought I might have pulled my sciatic nerve again, so I’ve been doing a lot of yoga with the yoga ball to help ease the pain and that has worked great! The only issue has been it gives me time to think and I know I have been staying busy to not think about life but I do need to deal with those emotions too and not bottle them up.

I am starting to feel a little down, September will be a year already that mom passed and it seems odd thinking it’s a whole year soon.  It’s just amazing to think back and not see she needed help.  Women experience heart attacks differently and with her’s she thought it was food poisoning from something she ate at McDonalds.  When dad had his heart attack, he knew it was one.. but women do experience them different.

When I last saw my mom, I just got home from work and she said she was feeling better, I asked if she wanted to goto the doctors still and she said if she isn’t better in a couple days she will go.  An hour later she was walking to the kitchen and had the final heart attack.  Here her sickness all day was minor heart attacks that she thought was food poisoning because it was making her throw up.  Everything she was experience were common things for being sick, not a heart attack, or so we thought.  I just want the women out there to understand that if something feels wrong just go with your instinct.  If it’s nothing then better safe then sorry.  It’s not just important to work out, but eating right and knowing your body.

I’ve been focusing on being heart healthy and making food choices that will be better for me.  I may not have time to work out like I want, I am doing 20 minutes on the elliptical now and feeling good about things in general.  Getting past the depression has been hard, it feels like a never ending battle but at least I know I have to fight and not let this over take me.  Mom would never want me to stop living or enjoying life because she is gone.  I know I need to work on my healthy, but knowing there is a problem is a great step to take.

Still staying busy and making plans, looking foward to PaxEast and meeting up with friends! We are bringing the little man with us, so it will be his first big trip.  I found doing things that make me happy and remembering there is so much more to life really helps.  So there is my little piece of wisdom today, know your body and know that women and men experience things differently.  Don’t go by what webmd or google says, if you feel something is wrong then go to a doctor.




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