Feeling Good!

So today was the first day in years that I actually felt like I wanted to work out so I did.  I feel like things are getting back to normal, and honestly I felt great that I wanted to do it and wasn’t forcing myself.

Focusing on my body and how I feel has helped a lot. Once I was able to get the right shoes to stop the pain in my ankles, and use the yoga ball for a couple weeks to take care of the back pain, It felt like it was time to get back on the elliptical.  I’m so proud of myself that after a week of pushing myself and forcing myself it’s paying off mentally.  I feel great that I want to do this now and I’m not forcing myself.

Keeping things light and fun seem to work, I was using music but now I find comedy makes the time go faster.  Now my current play list is Family Guy and American Dad!   I want to thank Blank and everyone that has made comments or supported me.  This Healthy Gamer site has helped me get my thoughts in order and really help me focus.  Things feel good again, and although it gets tough sometimes, this is the strongest I’ve felt in awhile.

I’m not letting life get me down, even if it took some time to come out of it, I really feel happy that I want to take care of myself again and instead of just talking about it, I’m doing it!

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