Perspective: Now is the time to change yours

In the featured image is a picture from my time overseas in Iraq. At that time in my life I could not even imagine the amazing things I’ve accomplished today. College. A child who means the world to me. A future that I work on every day. Doing nonprofit work. Playing video games as a living. Trying to inspire the world to achieve their own personal greatness. Thanks to my time overseas I was forced into a change of perspective that will be with me forever. The same with losing my ex-wife and my own personal identity. Perspective rarely changes on its own – it is usually a tragedy or tough time in life that helps us with our transition. I hope this small article helps you start changing your perspective without going through a rough time.

Perspective is what you NEED to change.

Perspective can make all the difference between thinking you can do something and knowing you can achieve something. Imagine for a moment that you are in a coma for a short time that just erases the memory of who you were. When you come to consciousness what if you were told that you are one of the best special forces in the world. Perhaps that you are a marathon runner and that you enjoy studying at school. As you started to live your life again you would begin to pursue these things you were told because you didn’t see them just as a possibility but as your reality.

Perspective is sometimes 20/20, but usually the sharpest after the fact.

Stop telling yourself that you can’t do something because it is hard. Pain and being uncomfortable is what creates growth! This applies in both the physical realm and mental and emotional also. When we go through a tough breakup we begin to doubt ourselves, sometimes we even lose ourselves in relationships, but when it is over and the pain begins to dissipate with time we begin to realize things that we have to change and with that we see personal growth. When we overcome a fear we realize that we can achieve or accomplish that feat and the next time we aren’t as anxious or nervous to attempt doing it again. You never know what you can accomplish if you don’t set out to do it in the first place!

Perspective is make or break. You, however, will not break.

I personally try to approach all of my projects, gym training, and future goals with the mindset that not only are they able to be accomplished but that eventually I will accomplish them. When I am working as hard as I can and something fails or breaks down I make sure that I take the time to focus on my personal resilience. If I wanted to finish a project by March but I’m behind on my work. Time to look at where things broke down or went wrong and come up with a plan to succeed the next time I make a timed goal. You will find that the more you look at any goal like you will eventually accomplish it no matter what, that you DO ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH THEM!


Stop telling yourself what you cannot do. What is difficult. How hard things are. Start telling yourself what you WILL do and accomplish. The only thing standing in your way – is you. 



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