Thank you #HealthyGamer and Viking Nation

5+ years ago I was barely able to wake up without struggling with the idea of committing suicide. Physical pain and limitations, emotional struggles, PTSD, depression, and feeling like a failure was all that I thought I would ever be.

Lilly was born and I found the will to live once again. Not for me but for her. She was an innocent being that deserved more – from me.

I started on Twitch because someone told me I was amusing while doing PvP. I’ve hustled hard with giveaways and hype trains to achieve partnership and when I had thousands of people watching and hundreds of subscribers I realized I was missing messages from people who wanted to know about #healthygamer because I was wading through all of the “giveaway plox” messages. So I stopped my hustle and refocused on what was important to me.

You folks have continued to support me as I’ve changed and grown on Twitch. As we’ve watched people overcome social anxiety, work to get their kids back, lose weight, overcome mental struggles, and find a healthy balance in life. We’ve seen people who’ve left the online space because they became so focused on being a #HealthyGamer that they barely had time to game! That’s okay. Every few months when you stop by I still have a smile and lots of love for you!

I don’t need to have thousands of concurrent viewership to feel fulfilled. Everyday I wake up knowing that I’m a pretty damn good father, a person who tries to help gamers worldwide, and every once in awhile when someone sends that message to me about how things are better for them, it makes it all worth it.

Thank you. Some look at me and say that I’m the one leading the way but without all of you beside me I would be just another streamer. Instead I see a crazy diverse group of people all working on being #HealthyGamer everyday, in their own way.

thank you

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