An update on my progress


Just wanted to update and keep everyone in the loop of what I’ve been doing since I’ve “retired” from Twitch. So far I’ve been spending a ton of time with the family and we’ve been looking for a new house/apartment in a nearby town. If I can find a new place to live I might be able to have my daughter move in with me and have primary residency. This is the sort of stuff I used to dream about when live was pretty rough so it is exciting for me! I’ve been working on a few new recipes for the website and can I say that without a doubt it would be a ton easier to just rip off other people’s recipes but it wouldn’t be half as much fun as it is cooking with the whole family.  I’ve also been working hard on creating some content for the website so that it can start being something that folks might want to stop by everyday, instead of just once a week/month.


Small steps man. I’m just a 1 man show but I have a plan for the next year and I’m making solid progress forward. One step at a time – The #HealthyGamer way!

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