Dreaming of summer and ocean

It is March and before we know it summer will be upon us with all of our own favorite activities. For me it is going to the ocean, taking the kids for adventures outdoors, camping, fishing, even what little hiking I can still get in before my back tells me “no more!”

Why don’t you take ten minutes today and think about something you want to do this summer. So many awesome opportunities just pass us by in life because we don’t make them a priority or make time for them. I challenge you to do just that, make the time. Today. 10 minutes to think and start pre-planning for something awesome this summer.

Maybe it is going hiking up that mountain and camping overnight at the top. That new waterpark you always wanted to go to as a kid but never did. It could be something as simple as taking a month and setting aside an hour a night just to sit outside on your porch and read a great book. Whatever it is, take the time to find it today, and make the plans so you can do it in the tomorrows.

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