Focus is something that I struggle with every damn day. As I begin to wake up I slowly become aware of the world around me. The warmth of the sheet and blanket covering me. The cool air as I take a breath. My body as I slowly move and stretch until it happens. My back slowly reminds me that my pain is there, ever present. One quick jolt of nerve pain sent from the center of my back down to my left foot. Good morning world.

In this moment if I was to only focus on the pain, how much I have to do in the rest of my day, how difficult it was going to be: I would just stop. I spent two years of my life doing basically that. I let pity, self doubt, depression, and low motivation keep me in bed. I was afraid to fail and I was afraid to live.

Instead I focus on what is really important and I let the pain become out of focus, blurry. I focus on the fact that I get a chance to work hard today. That I’m going to learn something new and challenge myself. I am not going to let my fear and inhibitions keep me from moving forward today. Instead I am going to focus on the idea that today is my day and I am going to seize it. Just how lucky I am to be able to continue doing the things that give me purpose and meaning in my life.



Today’s Takeaway: Focus on what is important. Do things that give you purpose in life. Find your own meaning and live it. Please do both me and most importantly yourself a huge favor. Stop focusing on shit that doesn’t matter. You’ll feel much more accomplished and successful if you just begin to work on this simple life step towards being more mentally and spiritually healthier.  


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