Shouting out about Twitchcon to the whole world!

Twitchcon 2016 – Panel Submission Info!

So today I made the official announcement on Twitter and I am so excited to share this news with you.

If Twitch decides that we are approved I will be doing a “Games, Gains, and Healthy Gamers!” panel at TwitchCon 2016.

I will be joined by amazing people. If you haven’t followed them on social media please make sure to do so. Let me introduce them a little bit to you folks in my own way. In no particular order my very hopeful panel at TwitchCon will be collaborated and presented with:

2015 Muscle Beach 1st Place Overall Men’s Physique Champion: Bajheera

You can check out his epic video about it right here. Not only is he a beast IRL with his physical training but he is just as badass in World of Warcraft PvP!

OG of Twitch and Towelliee

When you describe Twitch and live streaming his name is just one of those folks you have to mention.  He started years ago on before making the transition to Twitch when it launched and has become one of those iconic streamer personalities we all know and love!

Gaming Industry Veteran – Dev, CM, Writer, Host and more: Margaret Krohn

I can’t imagine anyone being in the gaming industry and them not knowing who Maggie is. She’s worked on or been a part of so many different awesome projects! Check out her site for a full write up of all of the things she has been a part of!

The Queen of Cooking on Twitch: Lula

Before it was a “thing” this awesome lady was cooking on Twitch to folks. Check out the Engadget Article, the Variety Article,  and Twitch’s very own announcement!



So first of all I hope my descriptions/introductions are acceptable. I sat here forever trying to describe these people without just overusing “awesome, epic, amazing” over and over again. I could seriously sit here and write about how much I admire all of these folks for a plethora of different reasons.


Lastly, I went from being mildly optimistic about this TwitchCon panel to being extremely hyped for and cautiously confident that it will happen. That didn’t change because of me. It is because of the people mentioned above. They are folks who are titans in gaming, streaming, or the internet in their own right. Thank you for even considering doing a little panel with me. I’m humbled and honored that you would say yes.


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