Family – An update

It has been a few days since I’ve posted something up and I wanted to update you folks with what has been going on with my family in this last week.

My nephew was in a car accident as some of you are aware. He was the passenger in a vehicle that was only going 1 mile down the road to his friends house and he made the choice to let his best friend who is inexperienced get behind the wheel. His best friend got going pretty fast and when he hit a patch of sandy road he overcorrected the vehicle right into a ditch where the car went flipping over and over a few times. My nephew was thrown from the car because he wasn’t wearing his safety belt.

As soon as I heard the news I was with him for the few days in which he was in two different hospitals and a few different units as they tried to assess the damage. He is going to have to wear a back brace for a few months. If things look good he won’t need surgery and if things go poorly he will need surgery on his spine. Spinal fractures are no joke.

I was going home late at night once I had tucked my nephew into bed and made sure that my sister was good for the night each night she was in the hospital. When I got home I was a wreck, emotionally. I couldn’t really put my finger on it until these last few days. I wanted to share some random thoughts with you folks.


Some people say Family are the people you are stuck with. That isn’t true. Family in my experience are the people who you just happened to be related to. The reason my nephew and my sister mean so much to me is because they’ve always been there. I’ve always been around in some way a part of my nephew’s life as he grew up. When I came home from Iraq my sister and nephew was there. When I got married my sister was there. When my life fell apart she was there. I’ve always just been a phone call away. We’ve always made time for our little families together. That isn’t the same for some of my other siblings. One of my sisters might as well be a past co-worker or college friend for how much effort she has put into any sort of a relationship. To be honest I gave up on her and us being close years ago. Juice not worth the squeeze. It makes me sad sometimes.


Life is short. I am so grateful that my nephew is alive and on the road to a full recovery I hope. Take the time today to maybe call your family or let someone know that you love them. We are only here for a short moment in time before our time is up. Love. Friendship. Relationships are something that really makes life worth living.




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