Never stop learning

One of my goals in life is to keep on learning, everyday. I really do believe that you have to take care of your mind and spirit along with your physical meatbag. When I talk about learning and education some people get confused and think I am talking about only college or institutional learning. Nope nope nope. Learning in a very pure and socrates slash taoist way of looking at the world.


Most of us aren’t genius who were pulling in millions of dollars in our teenage years. So for those of you who are going to tell me that you are a ‘master’ of just one thing, well awesome. That doesn’t mean that you can’t diversify yourself, in my opinion. Whenever I come up to something that I don’t know much about I ask as many questions as I can. It gives me knowledge that I can consider, think about, and eventually come to my own conclusions in the future. This can apply from hands on experiences like changing your own oil in your vehicle or downloading a free book on Amazon to learn about ROI for emerging markets in technology. So many people would rather sit down and scroll aimlessly and pointlessly through Facebook for 30 minutes which really accomplishes nothing versus taking 30 minutes to learn something about the world around us. It is sad really.

So what is my challenge to you? Instead of staring at Facebook posts that don’t matter take that time to do something productive. Find something you’ve been interested in and pick out a book about the topic. Get your hands dirty in a new project. Head out to the store and pick up the materials to do that little task you’ve been meaning to do around the house. I’ll be over here working on my Russian and wishing I could find the time to practice my guitar!


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