Drinking and Twitch (Legendarylea)

So there has been a huge uproar about the Twitch streamer known as Legendarylea who made a pretty stupid decision and I wanted to chat about it today in the blog. Slightly complicated but I’m not half cocked so I should be able to make myself clear. See what I did there? Eh eh?

Here is the video for those of you who haven’t seen it yet: Warning Drunk Chick

She posted up something about the situation here: Words about being drunk and making dumb choices

Ok so what you’re going to see is someone making a stupid choice which is “Let’s drink and stream!” If you are going to stream and drink you should make sure to be pretty damn responsible. When you look at this video objectively she is trying to have a serious conversation about biology, cancer, and children. A very touchy subject when there is no alcohol in your system to say the least.

I don’t think she was trying to be a hateful/evil person. She just came across as hugely insensitive on the whole subject because she was focusing on the biological stuff, instead of, you know the human aspect. I just think she made a really bad choice which was drinking and trying to have an intellectual conversation about how she understood cancer to form in children. But I have a few problems with how everyone reacted afterwards for a few reasons. First of all making death threats to someone because they said something offensive is just plain stupid. Secondly to all of those people who “stood up” and had to say something negative towards her, why? How can you be on social media talking shit or talking down to this girl because she did something WE’VE ALL DONE IN SOME WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM IN OUR LIFE. Come on. Who hasn’t gotten drunk and said something wildly inappropriate? Got into a physical altercation while out on the town because of some jackass or had to defend yourself from a guy/girl who has had a few too many drinks. What about just being plain emotionally upset and saying something we regretted in the future?

(Side note I understand the drama and Twitch streamer angles. They go hand in hand for a few of you folks. I get it. For those of you who do that hustle – keep it up and enjoy I guess?)

When I saw the video I just felt bad. Have you ever been out with friends and you are the DD for the group? You get to see the really bad dancers, the horrible pick up lines, the lies people tell each other and themselves. Watching this lady talking was just another one of those moments where if all of us had been hanging out in a room I’d have been like “Dude really? Why are you trying to have a serious conversation about St Judes, kids, and cancer when you’re half in the bag?” and shake my head. This lady probably woke up with a hangover along with feeling pretty shitty. What can you do to make something like that right? Nothing man. You try to clear the air and maybe donate some time to a local hospital’s ward. It might help give you a little perspective. Who knows. It is kinda like when someone finds out you are deployed in the military as a veteran and the ignorant ones always ask some sort of difficult question like “Hey man did you kill anyone?” or “What was it like to shoot someone?” People don’t always use tact and we’re all human.


You really want to improve your life LegendaryLea? I’m pretty sure the first step forward would be to stop drinking and streaming. The next step is find a way to make up for being young and naive by spending some time with the kids who are actually in those situations. In my experience expanding your own personal life perspectives begins when you start going¬†out and experiencing new things. Volunteering at a hospital or homeless shelter. A children’s burn or cancer ward.


Good luck lady – RealBlankspace



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