The Universe and Us

Do you ever just wonder about the universe? Outer space? Time? I find myself occasionally thinking about just how small we really are in the context of universe.

We are going to try one of my mental adjustment coping skills. Check it out. Follow along with the directions and see if it helps you.



For a moment think deeply about this thought. We live at the most to be one hundred years old or so. Really most people make it to around sixty before things get rough. The Earth is 4.5 BILLION years old. I’d have to look around to find my calculator to figure out just how small one human lifetime is compared to that. The Universe that we live in is 14 BILLION years old. With a capital B.

Imagine time and space moving forward through your life. People are born and pass away. Time continues the march forward. The most valuable resource that you have is time. You chose what you do in this lifetime. Every minute is precious because just as quickly as it comes, it is gone.

Close your eyes and imagine looking at Earth from outer space. Does space concern itself with anything? Nope. It just is.

Today try just being. Enjoy everything from the difficult things you have to overcome to the fleeting times of awesome you spend with loved ones.

We are here today and gone tomorrow. Spend your time wisely. Try not to have regrets. Our lifetime is so short so start enjoying it. Living it. Being You.


“There was a man who disliked seeing his footprints and his shadow. He decided to escape from them, and began to run. As he ran along more footprints appeared and his shadow easily kept up with him. Thinking he was going to slowly he ran faster and faster without stopping until he finally collapsed from exhaustion and died. 

If he had stood still there would have been no footprints. If he had rested in the shade his shadow would have disappeared.” – Chaung-tse

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