May 2016

memorial day

Happy Memorial Day 2016

Today is May 30th 2016 and it is Memorial Day. One of the days that I struggle with emotionally as soon as I wake up. There is this internal voice that starts yelling at me from the moment I open my eyes. “You survived. You came home. What are you doing with your life? Are …

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Parenting – Viking Style

It is always funny to me when people come up to me when I’m with my daughter or my girlfriends kids and they tell us just how well behaved they are. They act as if we’ve somehow found a miracle to raising kids that are well behaved and who have manners. I usually respond by …

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Increasing my purpose

I’ve been struggling lately. My health both mental and physically has been all over the place. I can wake up and my body is ready to kick the days ass only to find my mental resilience somewhere in yesterday. On a day like today I went to the gym and worked as hard as I …

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Life Blog Update – May 2016

It has been a while since I’ve updated all of you amazing folks on what has been going on in my life. Here comes a little Life Blog Update for all of you HealthyGamers, Vikings, and all of my online friends/fam.   New content here! : I’m going to start doing more of my Inspirational/Motivation …

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the road

Living with a purpose

I really do believe that you are what you put into the world. This thing we call a lifetime. I’m living with a purpose right now. Writing this blog to try to help people, inspire them, and encourage them. If you want to realize your potential you have to feel the opposites. The positives and …

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be relentless

Living Relentless

It is disheartening to me at times to see people around me who don’t understand the word relentless. The dictionary will tell you that the meaning of the word is “oppressively constant or incessant.” My definition is much more broader than just incessant. When I wake up in the morning my body hurts and my …

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