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Living with a purpose

I really do believe that you are what you put into the world. This thing we call a lifetime. I’m living with a purpose right now. Writing this blog to try to help people, inspire them, and encourage them. If you want to realize your potential you have to feel the opposites. The positives and negative. This allows you to to know when something is really a barrier and when something is nothing more than just a flawed mental facade. If you put positivity and hard work into the things you love they will always come to fruition. Not always when you want, but when the time is right.

Today could be the day that you begin to master life. Living. Being. Focusing your energy. The only person who gets to decide that is you. Are you finally tired of feeling tired? Sick of having nothing to show for yourself? It is time to start living with a purpose instead of making excuses. Change your perspective and focus your energy on things you want to accomplish. Make incremental plans of change and stick with them. Every step forward is a step forward towards your goals.

Take some time today to think about your purpose in life. Who you are. What are your dreams? Hopes? Fears?

Now go and dare to fail. To challenge yourself without limits.

Today can be your day.


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