A few words about people

When I was in the gym the other day one of the people who aren’t what I’d call a regular asked me about why I make so much noise when I’m lifting weights. I took the time to explain that I have a terrible back  that when I’m trying to mentally push myself, physically it causes me pain, and that is usually when I’ll let out a loud grunt or growl. They nodded as if they somehow understood this whole process and went back to lifting some boring weight for 3 sets of 10. ZZZ

I want to say a few things about people just to get it off my chest. I hope this helps a few of you out there today.

People are just people. They don’t matter nor should they.

The people who are in your life that put time, effort, and love into you – They matter.

People won’t understand your drive. Your vision for yourself. They can’t see the direction you want to go in life.

People are just people.

Don’t let someone else’s vision of you direct where you are going.

You don’t have to be just someone.

You can be someone amazing!




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