Life Blog Update – May 2016

It has been a while since I’ve updated all of you amazing folks on what has been going on in my life. Here comes a little Life Blog Update for all of you HealthyGamers, Vikings, and all of my online friends/fam.


New content here! : I’m going to start doing more of my Inspirational/Motivation quotes now that I have room on my damn HD. You’ll see one of these at the bottom of this post. Let me know what you folks think either on social media or here! This is where I say a huge thank you to Origin PC for being amazing and helping get my monster stream machine setup. Thanks!


House update: We had to let go of the amazingly new house that we were all good to go for. The owner wasn’t going to get out and I don’t have time for that bullshit. So instead we’ve gone in a different direction… and we’re under contract for what I’ve started calling “The Farm” It is a good amount of land (well for this town in Maine). The bones of the house seem to be fine but holy hell does it need a ton of work. I’ve already planned to record our projects and put them up on Youtube. We’re planning on planting a garden, fixing the pool, and doing a ton of projects inside the house to update it.


Back/Health update: My back still sucks. I haven’t recovered from spending time in Boston a few weeks ago and trying to walk around too much. I’ve been pushing myself to stay on my feet for 30 minutes or so while doing HIIT work. It sucks but I’ve seen some small progress.


Family update: —IF— we get this house it is becoming more and more possible that my daughter will move in with me. This thought alone is enough to get my ass out of bed, every damn day. I’m scared to think of the emotional crash that could happen if the purchase doesn’t go through.


That’s really it. I miss streaming like crazy but right now I have to focus on my real life if I want to keep things moving forward. I’ll be able to stream every once in a while now that I have a new computer but once I’m in the new house you can expect to see blog posts and hopefully some videos from our house projects until I can get back into gaming and being a regular person.

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