memorial day

Happy Memorial Day 2016

Today is May 30th 2016 and it is Memorial Day. One of the days that I struggle with emotionally as soon as I wake up. There is this internal voice that starts yelling at me from the moment I open my eyes.

“You survived. You came home. What are you doing with your life? Are you being the best father you can be? The best partner? You better be – because you are one of the lucky ones who got to come home.”

I remember the empty cots of friends overseas who would never return and I deal with survivor’s guilt all damn day. So today I honor every single one of you. Every single soldier who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation. I honor you by teaching my children what your sacrifice means. By showing them your pictures or sharing a story of our time together. I tell them to be grateful of our time together because somewhere out there is a family who is missing a daddy or mommy who didn’t get to come home. I raise a glass and pour out a drink for you. Because while you are no longer here in the living flesh I honor the memory of every single one of you.


Rest in Peace. I honor you today and everyday for everything you sacrificed. You are not forgotten.


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