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10 Life Tips for Bros

Felt like sharing some of the random Life Tips after having a talk with one of my friends today. The sort of stuff that I learned in life through experience, trial and error, and some insanely amusing situations. 10 random things you need to know as a young man.


#10 Be clean. Either keep a clean abode by doing it yourself or paying someone. Get a nice haircut. Be sharp by wearing clothes you like.

#9 Own a suit. Every man needs a suit. General purpose for weddings, funerals, and special events. Baller status is to get one hand tailored. Nothing like it.

#8 Save up some money and get a secured loan when you are young. $2,000 for some purchase which you’ve already saved up for will give your credit rating an early boost.

#7 Bring protection. Wear protection. Accept no excuses like “It’s okay I’m on the pill.” Being smart isn’t the Spray and Pray method either.

#6 Keep learning. Not just going to school or college but learning everything you can. From how to change a tire or even trying something challenging you’ve never done before.

#5 Be yourself. So many people try to do shit like everyone else. Don’t be afraid to like that TV show just because no one else watches it. Talk about your hobby of collecting stamps because you enjoy doing it. Don’t be worried about being accepted, just find people who accept you for you.

#4 Take care of yourself. Get yourself checked out by the doctor with a yearly physical. Go to the gym. Put healthy food in your body. Make sure to get rest when you need it and work on your own mental toughness when opportunities arise.

#3 Be ready for sex. It is highly amusing to me but your ability to get or not get an erection on demand is like a barometer of overall health. Reduce stress, be healthy, and exercise often so you can continue to be a rockstar in the bedroom. Or hotel lobby. Wherever.

#2 Don’t be too busy to enjoy life. Stop and smell the flowers. Enjoy the simple things in life because they are gone too damn soon. Time stops for no one.

#1 Anyone can be a genetic material donor and make a kid. Not everyone can be a father. Don’t be a dirtbag. If you made the kid you owe it to them to be the best damn father you can be.

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