fathers day

Happy Fathers Day 2016!

How Fathers Day came to be an official holiday is still up for debate.

Plenty of stories of people in the early 1900’s coming up with ways to celebrate men for being fathers. What matters now is that we celebrate the hell out of the good ones!

When I was just a single parent raising my daughter in a co-parenting relationship I would get looks from the moms at playgrounds, parks, and even museums. It isn’t very often you see a guy like me walking around with a little blonde 2 year old, talking to her about science at the museum. The thing about being a Father for me that just resonates with my soul is my cavalier approach to how it makes YOU feel. If my daughter wants to get down and dance at the local sandwich shop to a song you can bet I’m dancing as best I can with her! Sing in public? Sure why not? If I can role model to her that the world is what she puts into it, I will have done something right. So to the few mothers out there who thought I was crazy, you bet I am. I’m crazy about my daughter and I don’t care how that makes you feel!

Being a father itself is pretty easy. Feed, sleep, and don’t let them get hurt are the basics. However, in my opinion being a great father seems impossible at times. The huge mountains of time and energy spent. I seem to have an enormous well of patience but it only seems to be for my daughter. It makes total sense for us to spent another 10 minutes working on how to tie a shoe or put on a coat. Is it a pain in the ass for me? Sure is, but the smiles and feelings of accomplishment and the praise I get to shower on her when she does a good job and doesn’t give up is awesome. Learning how to communicate at a 5 year old level and explain to them how to make use of conflict resolution skills or showing the boundaries of the world took me hours of reading up on topics I didn’t know anything about. Once a year I like to pick out a few books on parenting and read over them. Sometimes they are really useful and awesome and some are pretty crappy. Take the good. Leave the bad.

So Happy Fathers Day! Enjoy every tickle fight, every meltdown, every late night snuggle time, and even the rough times. They are all a part of the process of raising children. If we’re lucky we’ll do something right and our kids will find happiness in this life.



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