The Viking Farm and Life Update!

Life goes crazy once you finally purchase your first home. I wish someone had told me about this process before it started because holy crap has the past six weeks been crazy! I wanted to give you all an update on things going on around the house and my life and what you can expect from the site and myself in the next few weeks.


I purchased the house last month and we had plenty of friends and family over to help with renovations. We scraped wallpaper, painted, removed carpet, and hard scaped outside to start making this place our own. It was insanity. It wasn’t until today did we finally move our bed into our bedroom as it was the very last room to be painted and finished. We took some pictures as we went but even those don’t do the hard work justice. You wouldn’t even recognize our house now from what it was and I’m pretty proud of that.

Life Note: Having a pool is awesome. Paying for the chemicals, cleaning it, doing stuff with the filter, leaves and bugs taking a swim also, and other various maintenance isn’t as awesome.

The previous owner had a chicken coop but before she left she didn’t clean it at all. That really sucked but all of the kids helped out and now we have plenty of space for our dozen chickens who we are hoping will start laying some eggs in the coming weeks.

My office was the first thing roughly put together but I haven’t been able to really stream because I’m just exhausted. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. When I come back to streaming I’d like to have the old atmosphere of having a great time with each other – not just me being wiped and being a derp face.

It took the VA six or seven weeks to get an MRI scheduled but I finally had it happen. Now I have to go to the local big office so they can tell me some bad news. Guess what I already know the deal. It’s messed up but you won’t do the surgery at this time. I won’t be getting any back surgery until my back just gives out and refuses to work.

Website: More posts and more frequent. I’m back baby!

From Me: Small streams when I can find time until I can lock down a schedule with the family.


Life has been great. I’m in tons of pain and I can only do one or two projects a day but I couldn’t really ask for much more. We’re raising chickens, we have our own garden, a compost bin setup, a pool to swim in, and a happy family.

If you wanted to see some of these life pictures: Here is my Instagram link

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