Balance is one of those things that as a stubborn male and veteran I used to really struggle with. I didn’t want to balance anything because I just wanted to complete the tasks ahead of me as quickly and effectively as possible. It wasn’t until fatherhood did balance start to become a big part of my life, and I want you to take a little time to think about¬†your own life. Do you have some things that could be prioritized a bit differently to achieve some better balance and a healthier you?


I don’t want anyone to be confused. I’m talking about life balance which isn’t the same as moderation. When I was in college I would go out and party. You couldn’t find moderation anywhere in the same zip code as me at that time, however, I was able to balance my life. I went to work, I spent time with family, I helped with charity in my community, and had a few relationships. While I know some folks who should consider some moderation in regards to life that is a topic for another time.


So many people tend to find themselves feeling more depressed or emotional about life because things are out of balance. Sometimes you have to spend more time on work because of a large project, but my problem is that when you’re no longer that busy do you make sure to re allocate that time back to your family and loved ones? The reason that I had to stop streaming for 2+ months was because of my own personal balance issues. I couldn’t balance trying to stream, post on this website, be active on social media, AND do all of the things I needed to do to plan for the purchase of my new house. So I changed my priorities to focus on something else and now that life is somewhat settled again I am able to achieve balance again with all of the different projects I want to be doing.


Oh and my fellow nerds? Find some balance with your gaming man. Unless you’re on some huge sponsored team that is going to make a million bucks this year you can take a break to spend some time with your significant other and family. Do it now while you can before you become one of those ‘Gaming Stole My Husband’ stories I’ve read and laughed about.



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