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I first met Bajheera at a Twitch party a few years back where I was doing my regular networking walk around. I was very slowly working on the idea for this website and I was trying to reach out to others whose brand aligned with the same ideas I wanted to promote within #HealthyGamer. When I started talking to him I realized just how nice this guy was. We traded information and I was off to play pool with DM or Fats I think.

Fast forward to Pax East last year when I got to sit down with Baj to talk to him again about Healthy Gamer and how things were going. He told me he was going to compete in his first competition and I remember being super excited for him. That was the event that he won! Lots of hard work and dedication man. This was when I realized that he was the type of person who wasn’t afraid of failures because he was willing to work hard for anything he put his mind to.


So here is this guy who is the living embodiment of what I’d call a Healthy Gamer. Overall great guy, in a stable relationship (check this link for a little bit more info on that), he streams on Twitch and makes videos for Youtube, and busts his ass on his physique. He inspires people just by being alive and doing what he loves to do. Awesome.


So why all of the Baj love? It was when someone shared this video with me a few days ago. I knew Jackson supported the military but I didn’t know just how much we all meant to him.

Bajheera is one of those people who says thank you to the people who are thanking him. I’ve been one of those soldiers who’ve been having a rough time. I’ve been in shitty areas of the world in the name of freedom, democracy, and America. Having people like him around to entertain, talk to in Twitch chat, to watch on Youtube and Twitch, is awesome. From a military veteran who wants to help the world I feel lucky, hell I feel happy that I know someone like him. Thank you for simply being you man. I’m glad we’ve been able to spend time together and I wish only the best in life for both you and your awesome wife.

Can’t wait to see you at Twitch Con!



Edit: Social media links!

Bajheera on Youtube: Here

@Bajheera on Twitter

Bajheera on Twitch: Here

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