Post Convention Depression

When you return home from a convention it happens very slowly. Post Convention Depression is as real as the sun and moon and I’m here to help you combat it! After spending days standing in lines for the next big game your body needs to rest. Eating good food at a convention is always tricky as you don’t want to pay for that 12 dollar hamburger or 5 dollar bottle of water. Not to mention the late nights out drinking and partying just in time to wake up and walk the convention floor again!

So here are a few tips on how to combat Post Convention Depression.


#1 As soon as you get home unpack, take a long shower, and relax. You’ve spent the last few days traveling, drinking most evenings away, and getting very little sleep. It is time to pay your body back by letting it rest.

#2 Drink tea, orange juice, and water. It is time to catch up on fluids that aren’t just being used as a chaser or as something to mix with your favorite alcohol.

#3 Go for a walk outside. The sun and fresh air should be a 1-2 combo of awesome to your soul.

#4 Eat healthy foods. Your body has been missing some nutrients for a while now. It is time to grab a few multivitamins and refuel your body with the macros it needs!

#5 Spend time with family and friends. I’ve found that sharing my adventures makes the transition back home less depressive.

#6  Make sure you didn’t catch Con Crude/PaxPox/TwitchPlague! This means being proactive by washing your hands every few hours while on the convention floor.

#7 Start planning for the next convention. What better way to smash your sad feels? Start getting hyped for the next one.


Most people sufferer from a little bit of Post Convention Depression. Why not reduce it as much as possible? I hope these few tips helped you out!


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