People always ask me…

Why do I support Operation Supply Drop? People always want to know what my own personal objectives are, why I’m working with OSD, and why I continue to talk about them as much as I do. It is about community.


I could tell you how OSD accomplishes the mission of affecting veterans in a meaningful and impactful way, every damn day.

I may mention that OSD has a 94% ratio. What does that mean? It means that when someone donates a dollar, 94 cents make it to actually helping a veteran, a veterans family, or someone who is supporting a veteran. *(See edit at bottom) We are able to do this because of the dedication of our leadership team.

But really it is because OSD is all about heart. Lots of hard damn work. All in the name of making the lives of veterans a little bit brighter.


Why did I want to write this today?

Well, I know showing private emails isn’t cool, but I want to give you a peak.

2 days ago Ray Whitaker who is OSD’s Chief Operation Officer letting us know in an email that he was okay. He lives in an area severely affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Before Hurricane Matthew came through, 2 local dams were already at a high risk of failing because they had received over a foot of rain in the area.

I hope you’ll forgive me Ray, but I had to share this. This is why OSD means so much to me. Everyone at the leadership level gets it. This idea of community. Of taking care of others. Selfless service.




When people help others in the community we all become better people. Ray didn’t do this because someone told him too. If I didn’t post this, no one else outside of our leadership circle would have known about it. He didn’t do it because it will make him famous on the internet or because it brings him money. He does things like this I believe, because in the military he was a great leader, in OSD he is a great leader, and in his life he is a good person. I’m glad to be a part of OSD because of so many small unknown stories like this. I had to share this and I hope it put a smile on your face as it did mine.


*Of course I had something wrong. 6% goes to all the other things like accounting, fundraising expenses, and other business type expenses that are needed to make all the awesome work! Sorry if anything was confusing.

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