merry christmas

Merry Christmas


I say Merry Christmas to others during this time of year because I grew up in a Christian household. I say it in good will to all during December. In the past people have told me that I am being rude by saying Merry Christmas to others because I am being insensitive about what holiday they may observe at this time. I’ve always found this to be a strange way of looking at this. Let me explain.


When I’m leaving a store for example and I’ve paid for my groceries. There are plenty of things that I could verbally exchange while I am leaving. I could say something about being thankful they did a good job and were pleasant during the exchange of goods and the service of packing my food up in little plastic bags. I could just say nothing and glare at them because I’m some jackass who thinks he is above such pleasantries. By saying Merry Christmas I’m trying to share a little bit of happiness, good cheer, and humanity in a world that sadly needs much more of it. Nowhere in my mind is there a ‘Merry Christmas pal, and screw your holiday hahaha!’ but some of you folks are treating others like that is the case.

The world is extremely oversensitive and it is alarming to me. Life is short. We should be trying to share good will to everyone. If I said Merry Christmas to a buddy of mine and he said Happy Hanukkah, what has just happened is two people spoke kindly to each other. They wished each other the best. To enjoy whatever holiday you happen to observe.

Merry Christmas/Happy Yule/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Three Kings Day/Whatever holiday you observe


The world needs more positivity and supporting each other and less driving wedges between us because of the words we say.


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