Life update

It has been a long time since I’ve given you folks a life update. So I’m going to dish out a little bit of info for those who still hang around.

I’ve been dealing with some surgery issues and the VA. As always they are prompt and kind. If you did not read the excessive sarcasm in that last sentence, I can bet you’re not a veteran.

My physical therapy has been going very slow and painful. I almost have the numbness and tingling in my pointer finger 70% gone, however I’m dealing with much more centralized upper back pain as the nerves and surrounding tissue fighting the process.

I now have my Daughter spending more than 50% of her time with me at my home. Which was the entire reason for me moving to this town I am in now, and at some points, the reason I believe I’m still here on Earth. It took over 5 years, but I did it.

I cannot workout at a gym because my body is so bad, so I’ve been doing mostly home workouts. A rubber band, some stretching, and light weights. It is embarrassing but I know that if I continue to let my body heal I will be back in top physical shape in the future. I hope.

I’ve been working on the book I’ve been writing. I have a title and I’m working on the chapters now. I’m struggling because no one told me that writing more than a 300-600 word blog post was difficult. Haha. The research is also a huge pain in the rear because I want to make sure that I’m presenting something backed by some science also. More to come on that topic in the coming months.

I’ve just started doing a very basic DnD game at the house with my family. It is the woman, the oldest female, my daughter who is 6, and the 4 year old boy. We traded in the time that we used to sit in the bedroom and make up stories for going on fun adventures in our imagination. We have all been having a ton of fun playing together.

I’ve been working on playing the guitar more often. I realized that I told myself last year I was going to practice more and I eventually just gave up. Not this time. No excuses. Once a day even if it is a fingering exercise or working on chords.

I was planning on going to Pax South with OSD but because of my damn health I couldn’t. Scheduling issues with the VA and trying to be able to fly the next day wasn’t a good idea. So I’ll have to wait to see all of the amazing people until the next live event!


Overall life is good. I’m fighting the good fight with seasonal depression. I’m working through some crazy existential issues I’ve been having with my VA counselor. I’m focusing on my family, my health, and my happiness. I hope this post finds you doing well. There will be more post in the future when I’m done doing this crazy dance with the VA.


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