The Return

I have finally gotten to a place in my life where I can slowly return to the online space once again. It has been some time since I’ve been regularly active on social media and even Twitch. The best you get at live streamed content is when I play DnD on the weekends and if we have a full group I try to get the stream up and ready to go. I’ve missed you awesome reader, time to catch up!

So this summer we have been updating our chicken coup and living space. We added another 8×8 foot extension to the chicken coup, replaced a floor that was rotting away, and the roof over the main coup as it also needed to be repaired. In the last few weeks our once baby chicks have started to lay and we’ve found ourselves with an abundance of eggs! It has been pretty awesome. We have a total of 40+ females and 1 very pretty rooster who despite wanting to chop him, the family has decided he can stay for now. We also added a 100 foot movable fence that protects the girls from the local foxes and gives them plenty of space to chase each other, scratch up bugs and worms, and take dust baths in the sun.

Family wise we’ve been dealing with some fun kiddo stuff. Sasha has decided that lying about even small and simple topics is the best way to go about things. That has been an interesting struggle. Lilly has been working on reading all summer long and has surpassed our goals for her by a slight margin. She is now able to phonetically sound out most words and is continuing to add to her expanding collection of “sight” words. Those are words that you know just by looking at them. They start simple like He, She, The, Said and slowly branch out from there. I’m happy to share that all 3 kids are healthy, strong, and looking forward to school as we slowly say goodbye to summer and hello to the crisp fall weather. As I write this all of the girls are resting as they’ve all come down with the same version of some cough and cold symptoms. Sore throats and coughing fits in the middle of the night are no fun for anyone. We can only hope that by picking up this late summer illness means we get to pass on the really nasty winter ones? I hope!

So what can you expect from me and this website? For now, I’m slowly going to be working on publishing more content here in the future. I want to be more regular and that means I need to buckle down and do so. The main reason I will be able to do this is because the kids will be headed off to school very soon and that will give me some time to focus on other things. When I walked away from streaming full time on Twitch to focus on being a father, I gave it 100% of my attention. Now that the school is doing its part to educate the kids during the day I am going to bring some of my focus back on the wonderful world wide web.


I’ve missed you. A huge thank you to those who have continued to support as I’ve gone through this life transition and who allow me to stream and hang out when  I can. I am grateful for a group of people who still believe in the idea of #HealthyGamers and trying to Encourage, Inspire, and Motivate the world one gamer at a time.


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