Focus on Today

Yesterday I was taking the kids to meet teachers and drop off additional classroom supplies. Today the children got onto the bus and went down the road on the first day of school. I have been really working hard to enjoy the little and big moments that come with being a father. This includes songs sung at bedtime and still being able to find time for a quick nap on a busy summer day. As a parent I enjoy getting to know other parents and learning both what to do and what I don’t want to be like at the same time. The one I want to discuss today is the future parent. The ones who are so focused on the future stuff that they seem to be missing the present right now!

Just the other day I heard another parent talking about how they could not wait until the kids were back in school so they could do X thing, but that wasn’t enough, because they really couldn’t wait for next summer because Y happened, but really in 3 years this Z was going to be happening. I sat there wondering to myself, “Man I love to plan, but that is some really forward thinking. Your kid is still eating his boogers, maybe you should be working on tissues and hand washing before talking about his summer rec camp in like 3 years.” So many people are driven forward by so many things, but I want to remind you to savor what you have now. If you went out to eat and before you got your meal all you could focus on was desert, how you could possibly really enjoy that amazing lobster roll sitting in front of you?

So this post is very simple

Very short

And very important


Today I’d like you to focus on celebrating where you are right now. How you got there. Who has been there along the way and those who you have grown past. For a moment let us enjoy not only where we are going but also enjoy just how far you have come. Life is precious and it should be enjoyed along the way. Take a few minutes today to reflect on what we do have at this moment in time. I’m thankful for my health. It could be worse. I’m thankful my little growing family is healthy, strong, and happy. I’m happy that I continue to get up, even when I want to stay down. I have someone to share my life with and who has my back even when it is falling apart. (Get it?!) The future is always moving towards us, just for this moment in time, let us enjoy what we have together.


Because before you know it, the present slips way and all we have is the past. It is best to be mindful of everything we have now, even if we are still looking forward to what the future holds.

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