About HealthyGamer.Org

HealthyGamer.Org started as an idea that stemmed from sharing my own personal struggles on my Twitch channel. Initially the focus was purely on the physical side. I wrote my very first article for Wildstar-Central because I had so many people asking me how I was able to do long MMO launches live on stream with a bad back.

I’ve always encouraged others to make healthier choices. Not everyone has the mental fortitude, the drive, willpower, or want to be a bodybuilder. I think everyone in general should strive to make a conscious effort to make informed, healthier choices. I wanted to have a place where we could share our stories together. It used to really frustrate me that people couldn’t believe that I enjoyed playing video games because I was in the Army, ate healthy, and enjoyed outdoor activities.


That is a part of how HealthyGamer.Org came to be. Come share your story with us today!


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