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Focus on Today

Yesterday I was taking the kids to meet teachers and drop off additional classroom supplies. Today the children got onto the bus and went down the road on the first day of school. I have been really working hard to enjoy the little and big moments that come with being a father. This includes songs sung at bedtime and still being able to find time for a quick nap on a busy summer day. As […]


The Return

I have finally gotten to a place in my life where I can slowly return to the online space once again. It has been some time since I’ve been regularly active on social media and even Twitch. The best you get at live streamed content is when I play DnD on the weekends and if we have a full group I try to get the stream up and ready to go. I’ve missed you awesome […]


24 Hour Streams on Twitch

It took me a little bit of time to write this post because I wanted to make sure I was respectful of the situation. I’m not sure how you could have been an online gamer in the past month without hearing about the father of three who died during a 24 hour gaming marathon on Twitch. I wanted to make a few points and I wanted to open up a dialog about the nature of […]


Please stop doing Twitch wrong, Yes You!

This is my opinion. You may not like it. It may upset you. I also don’t really care.   So often I hear people asking about how to get that sweet Twitch money. How to achieve the sub button that so many people want to have. The focus is purely on the business side of what Twitch is and it is breaking my heart. Please. Stop doing Twitch wrong.   I started live streaming on […]


Life update

It has been a long time since I’ve given you folks a life update. So I’m going to dish out a little bit of info for those who still hang around. I’ve been dealing with some surgery issues and the VA. As always they are prompt and kind. If you did not read the excessive sarcasm in that last sentence, I can bet you’re not a veteran. My physical therapy has been going very slow […]

merry christmas

Merry Christmas

  I say Merry Christmas to others during this time of year because I grew up in a Christian household. I say it in good will to all during December. In the past people have told me that I am being rude by saying Merry Christmas to others because I am being insensitive about what holiday they may observe at this time. I’ve always found this to be a strange way of looking at this. Let […]


What the fluff bro?

I’ve had a bunch of people asking me where I’ve been and why the website hasn’t been updated as much as I was doing a few months ago. So I had to come say a few things.   I’m afraid of saying this out loud because it means that people outside of my circle know it and it means I’ll be held accountable. Whatever. Not going to let my dreams be dreams.   The reason […]


Post Convention Depression

When you return home from a convention it happens very slowly. Post Convention Depression is as real as the sun and moon and I’m here to help you combat it! After spending days standing in lines for the next big game your body needs to rest. Eating good food at a convention is always tricky as you don’t want to pay for that 12 dollar hamburger or 5 dollar bottle of water. Not to mention […]


The Games, Gains, and Healthy Gamers panel at TwitchCon

The panel at TwitchCon was perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything better. Right now I’m working on getting a VOD  up on Youtube. We might just watch the video again so I can make a clip to upload it later. I wanted to say thank you to Bajheera, Towelliee, Lulaboo, and Margaret Krohn. You made the panel amazing. I’m so glad that you accepted my offer to come do a little panel and that Twitch […]