healthy lifestyle


Focus on Today

Yesterday I was taking the kids to meet teachers and drop off additional classroom supplies. Today the children got onto the bus and went down the road on the first day of school. I have been really working hard to enjoy the little and big moments that come with being a father. This includes songs …

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the road

Living with a purpose

I really do believe that you are what you put into the world. This thing we call a lifetime. I’m living with a purpose right now. Writing this blog to try to help people, inspire them, and encourage them. If you want to realize your potential you have to feel the opposites. The positives and …

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The Sustainable Lifestyle

Just so we’re clear the dude pictured isn’t me. I like beer and vodka tonic way too much. In the past few months I’ve been helping a few people get into the gym and start making positive life changes. It is challenging because everyone is different. People have old injuries, or mental blocks, or are …

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Baby Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Let’s take it slow. Changing your lifestyle from eating foods of convenience to eating foods that actually fuel your body is a tough road to travel. Taking the first steps can be like trying to scale a wall or even leaping across a giant chasm. Many of us have been there and continue to struggle …

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