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the road

Living with a purpose

I really do believe that you are what you put into the world. This thing we call a lifetime. I’m living with a purpose right now. Writing this blog to try to help people, inspire them, and encourage them. If you want to realize your potential you have to feel the opposites. The positives and …

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The road of life

The weary road of life

I’m not sure if I am the only one who is like this but I love analogies and symbolism. The picture of a dark road that is in front of you just really spoke to me when I saw it today. It isn’t threatening in itself but knowing that the journey looks bleek is enough …

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Perspective: Now is the time to change yours

In the featured image is a picture from my time overseas in Iraq. At that time in my life I could not even imagine the amazing things I’ve accomplished today. College. A child who means the world to me. A future that I work on every day. Doing nonprofit work. Playing video games as a …

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As I write this I just finished taking my own advice. Find your own happiness. Read that line again. Find Happiness. What is happiness? (Today it was taking the time to teach the kids how to play checkers and find 30 minutes to practice guitar.) Now before we continue lets get all of the fapping …

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A short breather

A lot of you might know the situation. You’re bored, you’re not feeling too well mentally and you’re left  alone with  your thoughts, pondering, chewing over every single thing that flows through that mind of  yours. Well, there are  different ways to deal with these kind of moments but before we head to those  methods let’s …

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